Services for Sunday 17th December 2017
 Advent 3 (Year B)

Continuous Lectionary:
Isaiah 61:1-4,8-11 Psalm 126 or Magnificat (Luke 1:46b-55)
1 Thessalonians 5:16-24,  John 1:6-8, 19-28

12 Noon      LA Christmas _______________________________________________
*4:00pm     Rev K.Stokes (C)                                            ________________________________________________
10.30am    Rev J.Rulton (HC, C)                                                      6.15pm    J.Roberts
__________________________________________________    Crumpsall:          
10.30am     Rev A/S.Lowe (P)

  Didsbury:             10:45am     Rev K.Stokes (HC)                        _______________________________________________________

  Droylsden:             10.45am    C.Davis ________________________________________________________________
  East Didsbury:       10.45am    Rev K.Kwarciak/A.Wilde (AAW)


  Edge Lane with St Matthews URC
  at Church Of The    Epiphany:  
                                    11:00am  A.Wilde (C)


  Fallowfield Methodist Community Church: 
                                 10.30am    J.Worthington _____________________________________________ 

  Hope:                      10.45am    NO SERVICE
                                 *3:00pm    Rev D.Hare (C)


 Levenshulme:         10.45am    Dcn A.Henry
                                 *4:30pm   Dcn A.Henry (C)
  Long St:                 11:00 am    Rev D.Hare (C)                    ____________________________________________________
  Manley Park:          10.30am    P.Jabeen
                                  *4.00pm   P.Smith (C)

  Moston:                  10.45am     OA Sunday School
                                  6.30pm     Rev Dr C.Wickens (3S)

  Northmoor Rd:        10.00am   Rev S.Williams (HC)


  St Peter's Church:   11:00am  Rev I.Rutherford (HC)

_______________________________________________      Trinity Ancoats:       11:00am   NO SERVICE
                                   *3:00pm   Rev S.Williams (C)
  Whalley Range:         9:30am   Rev Dr C.Wickens (HC)                                                  11:00am  Rev Dr C.Wickens (AAW)                                                                                      ______________________________________________________
  Withington:               10.45am  
Rev S.Rwe                                                                     6.30pm   @ St Paul's (US) ______________________________________________________
        AAW  - All Age Worship       B   - Baptism   C - Carols   
        HC - Holy Communion          LA - Local Arrangemennt             OA - Own Arrangement        US - United Service 

    * Denotes a change to usual time

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