The Manchester Circuit was formed in 2003 from the amalgamation of three former Circuits of the Methodist Church:-

Withington & Manchester Circuit

Droylsden & Openshaw Circuit

Manchester North & Middleton Circuit

"We are One Body" 1 Cor:12-13

Our Calling

We are called to share together in ministry. No one person has all the answers. But together we can make all the difference by:-

- Working with people, rather than for them.
- Challenging those systems and bodies which reduce people.
- Being with those easily ignored whilst they find a voice.
- Helping communities to increase skills and develop training.


To develop the work and witness of the church.
To seek to work ecumenically wherever possible.
To work with the marginalized.
To use our resources to achieve our vision.

                          At the centre - Christ

All our work is characterised by living out God's love through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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